HyMag Magnets

Organization: Argonne National Laboratory
Year: 2018

HyMag Magnet technology significantly increases the usable magnetic flux density of a permanent magnet by 10 to 30 percent and produces a less expensive and more environmentally friendly magnet, with 60 to 90 percent lower heavy-rare-earth materials consumption. This innovation can lead to a dramatic improvement in energy efficiency of electric vehicle (EV) motors and wind turbine generators. For a given power rating, the stronger magnets reduce the weight and volume of the motors and generators, which further improves the energy efficiency. The weight reduction in wind turbine generators also significantly improves turbine mechanical stability and reliability, which is critical to high capacity offshore turbines. The high surface flux density of HyMag magnets enables a larger air gap between stators and rotors, leading to the potential use of less bearing and supporting materials, further reducing nacelle size and weight. This facilitates taller onshore turbines that can be used in geographic regions with low wind source. The higher efficiency will also enable EV to run faster and longer for a given charge. This innovation has the potential to speed up the market adoption of EV.

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