Hybrid MassLINK Bus Stop

Organization: Institute for Information Industry
Co-Developer(s): 3Egreen Technology K-Best Technology Inc.
Year: 2018

Mountainous and rural areas often lack wireless network coverage and power energy infrastructure. While public transportation is key in those areas, without internet connectivity, it can be difficult to provide up-to-date bus information to users when and where they need it. The Hybrid MassLINK Bus Stop solves this problem because it can provide updates on upcoming buses, delays and routes on a display screen located where the bus will pick up without the need for electrical hookup or wireless coverage. Its power comes from a hand-cranked generator, which displays schedule and route information after only ten seconds of cranking, as well as solar energy from the sun. The technology allows for long-range communications at a low bit rate narrowband (NB)- Internet of Things (IoT) as well as long-range (LoRa) communications. The technology can serve an area of more than 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) with a single base station. A GPS tracker on the bus will send real-time GPS data to the station to provide dynamic bus information services.

For more info: https://web.iii.org.tw