High Voltage Electrolytes for Ultracapacitors

Organization: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Year: 2018

High Voltage Electrolytes for Ultracapacitors enable a higher voltage device that lowers cost, which is the main market driver for supercapacitor technology. The technology is a low-cost, safe energy storage solution for grid storage and other applications that demand low-cost, high-power energy storage. Compared with conventional electrolytes, High Voltage Electrolytes for Ultracapacitors extends the voltage window without side reactions, doubles the specific energy while maintaining power density, reduces overall ultracapacitor cost by decreasing the number of cells in a supercapacitor module while increasing module capacitance, and is less toxic and environmentally benign. Electrolyte technology is often the key enabler for high-performance energy storage devices, yet very few innovations have been made in organic liquid electrolytes.

For more info: https://www.ornl.gov/