H1500 Series Thermal Management Material

Organization: Nano and Advanced Material Institute Limited
Co-Developer(s): HFC Industry Limited
Year: 2018

When it comes to mobile communication technology, 5G is the upcoming key to performance improvements of several orders of magnitude over today’s networks. It enables a huge diversity of tasks that 4G cannot perform and offers a jump in capacity. These performance improvements require breakthrough in thermal interface materials due to extreme high temperature electronics functioning environments. H1500 Series Thermal Management Material provides a revolutionary thermal management technology for device manufacturers to meet the challenge in upcoming 5G system. The technology enables soft TIM with thermal conductivity of up to 20W/ mK, which is two-to-four-folds higher than the conventional materials in the market, with a lower loading density that results in a two-fold increase in reliability. In addition, the material complies with the flame rating test and dielectric withstand test.

For more info: www.nami.org.hk/