GRID-M: Grassroots Infrastructure Dependency Model

Organization: Argonne National Laboratory
Year: 2018

GRID-M: Grassroots Infrastructure Dependency Model is a fully customizable tool that enables emergency managers to make the most informed decisions about emergency resources by monitoring, in near-real time, the recovery behaviors of critical supply chains within their jurisdictions during and after a catastrophic disaster. The GRID M software tool is currently the only model available that captures the appropriate and meaningful level of detail needed to track supply chain recovery. GRID-M can help public safety officials to make better approximations about disruptions of concern to their supply chains by using pre-incident survey data regarding the reliance of a node on electric, water, wastewater, and natural gas and its operational capacity and duration following a disruption. GRID-M can also help public safety officials gain situational awareness on the physical state of a node by using the damage assessment application. This information can support efforts to identify priority infrastructure for use in planning and exercise simulations, as well as in building real-world situational awareness of the operational status of pre-identified supply and demand nodes.

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