Grand Unified File Index (GUFI)

Organization: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Year: 2018

Big data is only as useful as it is accessible. Grand Unified File Index (GUFI) is the fastest and first open-source software designed to make managing big data easier by providing a secure, efficient, user-queried file-system for metadata for supercomputing-scale data centers. GUFI serves as an index that holds file-system metadata pulled from huge file systems, allowing rapid searches without affecting the file systems themselves. It funnels vital metadata into digestible, bite-size nuggets of information, improving big data accessibility, value, and innovation. GUFI preserves extensive file systems as users of all levels securely search the metadata. To assure security, the technology maintains the POSIX access-control settings of the original file system. GUFI removes the bottleneck from system administrators, while providing an effective tool for their own system-wide queries.

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