GCA-II-N (Graphene/Si Composite Anode)

Organization: Global Graphene Group, Inc.
Co-Developer(s): Angstron Energy Company Angstron Materials
Year: 2018

GCA-II-N is the world’s first patent-protected graphene-enabled anode, offering a high-capacity, drop-in alternative to graphite as the anode active material in Li-ion batteries (LIBs). The applications of this material therefore exist in any industry where rechargeable batteries are relied upon, including, but not limited to, all-electric vehicles (EVs), consumer electronics, wearables and renewable energy. GCA-II-N is positioned to become the standard anode for EV batteries because of its extremely high capacity (up to 3,000 mAh/g), long cycle life at high charge and discharge rates, and affordable cost. Compared to conventional methods, GCA-II-N doubles the EV driving range on a single charge, double the smart phone operational time without increasing the battery weight or volume, and results in significant reduction in battery cost per kWh, making both the EV and energy storage systems industries economically viable.

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