ENGAGE PV Polyolefin Resins

Organization: The Dow Chemical Company
Year: 2018

ENGAGE PV Polyolefin Resins are a family of high performance resins designed for photovoltaic (PV) encapsulant films. The innovation has superior electrical resistivity and weathering stability that enable affordable renewable energy by increasing the reliability and lifetime of PV systems. The critical driving force in the solar energy industry is reducing the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to reach parity with conventional energy sources. Improving the lifetime and durability of solar modules plays a key role in reaching this goal. ENGAGE PV Polyolefin Resins are thermally stable, environmentally resistant and electrically resistive polyolefin elastomer resins that allow our customers to develop encapsulant films that protect solar cells from degradation. This technology improves module lifetime power output, reliability and service life while contributing to reductions in LCOE that enable renewable solar energy to command a greater share of the energy market.

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