Organization: Dow Chemical Silicone Korea
Year: 2018

DOWSIL SE9160 is a hybrid UV-moisture cure silicone with repairable adhesion that enables some of the newest cell phone designs while protecting these devices from water damage. As waterproofing electronic devices becomes more common, cell phone designs also advance, with wider, larger screens with little or no border between the screen and frame rising in popularity. These designs are less compatible with traditional tapes and other general heat or room temperature curable adhesives due to the heat sensitivity of the devices, slow cure rates of traditional adhesives and issues with reliability under harsh conditions. DOWSIL SE9160 offers unique dual cure chemistry within one silicone material. An initial UV irradiation cure is followed by a moisture cure to ensure full curing in shadow areas that do not receive full UV exposure. This cure approach provides the functionality, including waterproofing, required by newer cell phone designs, while also providing cell phone manufacturers advantages in assembly time (faster cure), reworkability and lower temperature cure to protect device components.

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