Digital Holography-based 3D Nano-Builder

Organization: Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co-Developer(s): Precision Instrument and Optics Limited
Year: 2018

The Digital Holography-based 3D Nano-Builder is a new class of 3D nanofabrication system developed for additively building micro to nano-scale photonic, microfluidic, robotic, or mechanical structures or devices via two-photon polymerization (TPP). Potential applications include the building of micro-lenses, diffractive optical elements, waveguides, photonic crystals, and metamaterials. Compared with existing piezoelectric or galvo-based raster-scanning systems, the technology offers improved speed, resolution, repeatability and flexibility, due to its digitally controlled laser focal points. The hologram-based Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) scanner that drives the Nano-Builder can split the input laser beam into tens of focal points for simultaneous processing and each focal point can be independently controlled to follow any planned 3D trajectory in space, which increases the throughput and reinforces the structure dramatically.

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