APUPS, Automatic Police UAV Patrol System

Organization: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Year: 2018

The Automatic Police UAV Patrol System (APUPS) is management and service platform for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fleets. APUPS was designed for remote or scattered communities where it can be challenging for police departments to regularly patrol and manage. Police forces in these areas often struggle to rapidly assess the appropriate level of police response when receiving a report, and will dispatch excessive or insufficient resources, wasting resources or creating delays. APUPS features an imaged-base UAV-control interface which allows users to quickly create task content, and send objectives and missions. It is dynamic area-slicing mission dispatching technology will consider multiple real-time, real-world scenarios such as mission time, charging base location and quantity, real-time UAV location and remaining charge, flight area environmental information, and local no-fly zones. The system will automatically assign a duty range for each UAV and dynamically generate a flight path, and it supports rotating patrols between multiple UAVs, and seamless switching between cooperative flight duties and manual automatic flight. This optimizes the execution of UAV dispatch and shift rotation, enabling UAVs to complete tasks automatically and efficiently.

For more info: https://www.itri.org.tw/eng/