Antenna Coupled THz (ACT) Film

Organization: RedWave Energy, Inc.
Co-Developer(s): Idaho National Laboratory
Year: 2018

Antenna Coupled THz (ACT) Film is a nano-antenna based technology capable of harvesting industrial waste heat and converting it into usable electricity. In the U.S. alone, more than 30 percent of all energy consumed is lost as waste heat. ACT Film harnesses this untapped resource, dramatically improving industrial energy efficiency. ACT Film is low cost, high efficiency, and easy to manufacture using existing roll-to-roll techniques. It can be implemented into existing systems quickly and easily, and will save industry producers additional green electricity in order to help the U.S. reach emission-reduction and energy efficiency goals. Beyond its immediate industrial application, ACT Film’s flexibility in converting infrared wavelengths to energy could help provide a new clean energy solution to the industry as a whole. ACT Film could serve as the first model of a new solar energy solution, be put to use as a cooling material in electronic environments, or help power the day-to-day lives of millions cheaply and cleanly.

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