ANSYS Discovery Live

Organization: ANSYS, Inc.
Year: 2018

ANSYS Discovery Live is an immersive 3D simulation environment where anyone can gain product insight and test performance under real world operating conditions. Discovery Live will either import any 3D file, or a user can create their own from the ground up. From there it allows you to quickly edit any geometry or faceted data type, and then gather performance data and direction. It supports the most common physics studies such as structural, internal/external fluids, modal, and thermal analysis. After defining a minimal number of inputs, live simulations immediately begin. During a simulation, any of those inputs can be adjusted, even the shape/form of geometry, and the simulation continues without restarting. This is an interactive simulation environment where anyone—engineers, designers, R&D, marketing personnel—can create a concept and instantly know information as to how their design will perform.

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