3D Printed Patient-Specific Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms

Organization: Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute
Co-Developer(s): Piedmont Heart Institute
Year: 2018

3D Printed Patient-Specific Tissue-Mimicking Phantoms is a printing technique for producing 3D models of biological tissues that mimic both the shape and mechanical properties of the organs they model by using embedded metamaterials. Patient-specific tissue-mimicking phantoms have a range of biomedical applications including validation of computational models and imaging techniques, medical device testing, surgery planning, and medical education/training. Although 3D printing technologies have demonstrated great potential in fabricating patient-specific phantoms, current 3D printed phantoms are only geometrically accurate and cannot be used for applications where physiological accuracy is needed such as the pre-surgery testing of implanted medical devices. Researchers have developed an innovative materials design and manufacturing technology that allows 3D printed phantoms to mimic mechanical strain stiffening behaviors of soft tissues using multi-material 3D printed meta-materials with micro-structured reinforcement, and they are printed in a soft polymeric matrix. The efficacy of this method has been demonstrated in surgery planning for the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure.

For more info: www.gtmi.gatech.edu