Power and Thermal-aware Electronic System Level Platform, PT-ESL

Organization: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Year: 2017

Power and Thermal-aware Electronic System Level Platform, PT-ESL software solutions enable fast and accurate modeling and simulation of the power consumption and thermal behavior of electronic systems from an architectural perspective. PT-ESL focuses on analyzing power consumption, timing sequence and thermal behavior of both electronic systems (board or system product) and semiconductor devices (IC, System-on-Chip, or System in Package). It provides toolkits and methodology to simulate how a real device operates and analyzes system power consumption and thermal generation based on the device’s real applications, or usage scenarios, such as video, audio, browser, and gaming. PT-ESL assists designers and manufacturers in finding potential power and thermal issues of an electronic product more efficiently. It also supports designers to explore different architectures and configurations for an optimal system architecture more easily. PT-ESL provides aids to IC foundry, IC design companies, system design companies, integrated device manufacturers, and many other semiconductor actors in the supply chain working to achieve a better trade-off between product performance, power consumption and thermal dissipation.