PipeAssess PI

Organization: Battelle
Year: 2017

PipeAssess PI is a new pipeline integrity management software for pipeline owners and operators to reduce both operational costs and risks as they drive to zero incidence. As pipelines age, integrity management tools become increasingly important to ensure safety, particularly in high consequence areas (HCAs). Pipeline integrity management plans are required under Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations Parts 192 and 195 for gas and hazardous liquids, respectively. In addition, sound economic management of the pipeline assets is essential to provide quality service and ensure profitability. The software can be used for all standard oil and gas transmission and distribution line-pipe sizes and grades. PipeAsess PI allows users to evaluate the remaining life of pipelines with preexisting axial crack-like flaws, predict the growth of axial cracks and model fracture risk under various operating conditions and make informed, evidence-based decisions for repair, replacement and maintenance of aging infrastructure. It also allows users to optimize the appropriate re-inspection or hydrostatic test intervals, reduce the frequency of hydrostatic testing while addressing current DOT requirements for assessment of liquid and gas pipelines and prepare for future regulations for pipeline integrity management