Organization: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Co-Developer(s): Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Year: 2017

dfnWorks software represents realistic and accurate fracture networks for scientists to perform robust investigations of flow/transport in subsurface fractured rock. Although critical for many industrial, civil and governmental applications, the inherent complexity of flow through these fractured systems makes it difficult for conventional subsurface simulation software packages to provide trustworthy results. The dfnWorks software overcomes previous technical barriers by combining novel computational meshing techniques and massively parallel computational implementations. dfnWorks stands apart from all other subsurface simulators because it can use and represent actual site data that consists of hundreds of thousands of fractures, has an easy-to-run user interface that requires minimal effort to run hundreds of simulations even though the workflow is massively parallel, and contains the world’s only three-dimensional discrete fracture network particle-tracking method. The flexibility makes it possible to study flow and transport in fractured media at scales that range from millimeters to kilometers. With dfnWorks, it is now possible to perform previously deemed unfeasible numerical experiments of flow and transport through porous media.