Organization: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Co-Developer(s): University of Illinois-Champaign
Year: 2017

Reactive transport modeling is an essential tool for the analysis of coupled physical, chemical and biological processes in earth systems, and has the additional potential to integrate the results from fundamental research. Using a modern reactive transport approach it is also possible to provide predictive capabilities for these systems that are well beyond the empirical models in wide use today. CrunchFlow is a user-friendly, computationally efficient package for reactive transport that allows users ranging from beginner to expert to explore a broad range of problems in the earth and environmental sciences, including contaminant migration, soil processes, carbon and nutrient cycling, subsurface CO2 storage, the chemical consequences of hydraulic fracturing and chemical and physical weathering. The treatment of a wide array of coupled processes in CrunchFlow make it ideal for use in university courses. The computational efficiency means that a wide array of problems can be run on standard desktop computers—something not possible before.