BESTAI, Building Energy Simulation Technology with Artificial Intelligence

Organization: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Year: 2017

Architecture consumes one-third of the world’s energy, of which private home and commercial building constitutes the majority proportion. Promoting energy efficiency renovation for small commercial structures as well as residential buildings has been difficult due to a lack of interest from energy service companies, lack of owner expertise and small budgets. BESTAI, Building Energy Simulation Technology With Artificial Intelligence offers a solution. BESTAI is an energy-saving expert system with a user-friendly interface that allows non-specialists to easily perform energy diagnostic for commercial buildings in the beginning, and for residential buildings ultimately. It provides energy-saving strategies, ROI analysis and real-time integration of geographical information systems (GIS) to analyze power consumption of buildings across multiple geographic zones. With BESTAI, users are able to conduct precise and low-cost energy-saving diagnostics for a large number of buildings in a short period of time. BESTAI is based on computer simulation of building energy consumption. The software operates on a cloud-based platform.