VORA Zzz Additive Technology for Ultra-High Airflow PU Memory Foam

Organization: The Dow Chemical Company
Year: 2017

VORA Zzz Additive Technology for Ultra-High Airflow PU Memory Foam make mattresses more comfortable by creating superior heat and moisture dissipation through ultra-high air permeability polyurethane viscoelastic foams. The VORA Zzz Additive Technology uses an amphiphilic ionomeric/polyolefin polymer backbone structure, which is used at ~1.3% by mass of the total polyurethane foam formulation. The VORA Zzz polymeric additive delays the activity of the catalysts used in the polyurethane foaming process, such that it controls (1) the timing of reaction and viscosity development such that a very wide-open cell structure is achieved; and (2) interfacial energy of the polyurethane such that it manipulates the foam strut surface to be extremely hydrophilic and thus moisture-wicking. The foam thus derived—known as VORA Zzz Visco foam— has extremely ultra-high air permeability.VORA Zzz Visco foam is used in the “Comfort Layer” of mattresses, the topmost cushion layer, closest to the sleeper’s body.  In addition to mattresses, VORA Zzz Visco is being considered for furniture cushion foams and automotive seating foams. Future targets include use as higher efficiency air pre-filters, and also in breathable infant beds.