The Lightning Pack (Electricity Generating Backpack)

Organization: Lightning Packs, LLC
Year: 2017

The Lightning Pack (Electricity Generating Backpack) generates electricity by harvesting kinetic energy. When humans walk, their torso moves up and down approximately two to three inches with every step. When they do this while carrying a backpack, they also lift that backpack with every step. Lightning Packs technology takes advantage of this act of lifting and lowering the backpack and turns it into electricity. The pack is made up of a fixed frame attached to the users back and a moving frame attached to the bag.  The moving frame is suspended from the fixed frame by a spring and a track system, which allows it to move vertically relative to the fixed frame. In addition to the spring, there is a rack attached to the fixed frame and a gearbox and generator attached to the moving frame. As the moving frame moves relative to the fixed frame, the rack spins the generator creating electricity (30+ watts). This electricity is used to directly power devices, with the excess electricity being stored in a battery. The military is an ideal candidate for this technology, but it could also be helpful for first responders, forestry service workers, medical aid relief workers, hikers/campers and hunters.