Syl-Off EM Silicone Emulsion

Organization: Dow Corning Europe S.A.
Year: 2017

Syl-Off EM Silicone Emulsion coating was developed for premium release, water repellent paper packaging for the food industry. The silicone coating is indirect food contact approved, cost-effective, provides premium food and bakery release and has outstanding water repellency.

In terms of application and market integration, the siliconized paper and parchment fulfill a variety of packaging applications from household to professional use, due to their improved water repellency, food release and grease/water barrier performance. Examples of current uses are single and multi-use baking papers, food interleaving and stacking for slice preparations (cheese, cookie dough, delicacies, etc), and food packaging for oven-baked pouches or ‘en papillote’ frozen food packaging. It can also be used for baking or steam cooking in various sizes and shapes as panini paper, or to create dumpling, cupcakes or muffins. This recyclable packaging is a strong environmental friendly alternative to fluoro-coated substrates or plastic packaging.