Rust-Oleum META Prime

Organization: Rust-Oleum
Year: 2017

Rust-Oleum META Prime is a high performance self-healing epoxy primer coating system. General industrial coatings make up a $23 billion market. A large issue among industrial coatings is the extra wear and damage they are subjected to when applied in harsh environments and conditions. Rust-Oleum META Prime addresses this common issue by offering a high performance self-healing primer to extend coating life for longer-term asset protection. The coating contains novel, self-repairing micro capsule technology specifically designed to respond to damage by releasing healing liquid to the site. The self-healing process begins immediately upon damage occurring and healing agent begins to flow into the damage site to lock down the edge of the damage. This prevents corrosion from spreading under the primer, which means adhesion to the substrate is maintained and performance is not compromised beyond the damage site. The ability of META Prime to repair itself allows the coating life to be extended beyond what industrial end users are currently using today. Longer coating life means that assets are better protected and less time and resources are spent on repairs and painting.