Premium Compact Process Primer

Organization: PPG
Year: 2017

Premium Compact Process Primer maintains a distinct primer layer in a three-layer, wet on wet on wet (3-Wet) automotive painting process. This is critical for creating a smooth foundation for the color and clear coating layers that are sprayed over it. The 3-Wet Compact Process system is unique for an automotive coating system. There are three separate coating layers—primer, color coat, and clear coat—that are applied with only a short period of time for the solvents to evaporate off or “flash” at ambient temperature between applying the layers. These layers are then cured simultaneously. However, the final coating appearance is additive among all three layers. Since this is a 3-Wet system, the primer is not cured and leveled on its own prior to application of other layers as in a conventional system. Therefore, the complex rheology dynamics that each layer undergoes during cure amplifies any appearance issues from the bottom through the color coat and clearcoat. The Premium Compact Process Primer system improves “hold out,” in this 3-Wet system, or the ability for one wet layer to prevent subsequent wet layers from mixing with it. The new primer enables a much smoother basecoat layer, which yields a smoother clearcoat in turn.