LCD Waste Recycling System

Organization: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Year: 2017

The LCD Waste Recycling System is a zero-waste, eco-friendly and cost-effective total solution for LCD waste treatment, integrating sequential separation, ppb-level purification, nano-pore technologies to recycle liquid crystals, indium and glasses. Research has repeatedly shown the harmfulness of the liquid crystal, indium and other heavy metals which LCD panels contain, but currently there is no suitable model for recycling LCD panels. ITRI’s processing method extracts liquid crystal for reuse, not only enabling the recycle of the indium and the glass which no longer contains liquid crystal, but also reducing the production of new liquid crystal, and therefore lessening environmental pollution. Extracting liquid crystal from waste LCD panel achieves a nearly 100 percent liquid crystal recovery rate. After purification, this liquid crystal can be reused in new LCDs or liquid crystal smart windows. A recovery rate of indium up to 90 percent can be obtained after indium content of more than 30 percent indium solid. After removing liquid crystal, glass can become a soundproof or heat insulation green construction material or heavy metal adsorption material. The adsorbent material has been shown to be useful for the treatment of heavy metals containing copper, chromium, nickel, zinc and lead.