Organization: Coulson Ice Blast
Year: 2017

IceStorm90 is an industrial cleaning machine that uses crushed ice cubes as a blast media, propelled at high speeds from a nozzle using compressed air. Ice blasting is a cleaning technology, like sandblasting, dry ice blasting or pressure washing.  However, ice blasting uses one-tenth of the water compared to pressure washing and it is more aggressive. Unlike sandblasting, there are minimal airborne contaminants during blasting and much less resultant waste to clean up afterwards. This makes it ideal for situations where high water usage or high levels of airborne or environmental contamination is unacceptable. This includes cleaning in encloses spaces, hazardous material removal—such as lead paint or asbestos abatement—and cleaning near environmentally sensitive areas. Ice blasting technology is at its best cleaning off thick grease, loose/primerless paint, biological growth, dirt and mud, resins, nuclear decontamination and hazardous material abatement, among others.