High Power Impulse Plasma Source (HiPIPS)

Organization: Southwest Research Institute
Year: 2017

The High Power Impulse Plasma Source (HiPIPS) technology is an advanced variation of an atmospheric pressure plasma process that allows for enhanced surface modification and deposition of functional coatings. The HiPIPS technology, consisting of an advanced pulsed DC generator in combination with atmospheric pressure plasma jets, provides an unparalleled plasma processing space of very high density and flux at low temperature and atmospheric pressure conditions. An important utility of HiPIPS is its ability to provide plasma treatments starting from one or more chemical precursors not accessible by conventional plasma processes. The high impulse power affords control over the extent to which chemical precursors are ionized and fragmented in the plasma phase. HiPIPS’ enhanced ionization and dissociation ability opens the door for new precursor chemistries that extend surface functionalization space and allow for unprecedented coating/substrate combinations.The HiPIPS technology has been proven effective for a variety of applications including surface cleaning and activation of polymer surfaces for improved ink wettability; chemical functionalization of alumina platelets and carbon fibers for improved interfacial adhesion in layered composite materials; deposition of durable, superhydrophobic coatings for self-cleaning and drag reduction applications; deposition of conductive coating on plastics; and deposition of protective metallic and ceramic coatings as environmentally friendly alternatives to chrome electroplating.