Fusion FIBC / bulk bags

Organization: Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company.
Co-Developer(s): Next Generation Packaging, LLC
Year: 2017

A single loose thread left within a FIBC bulk bag can be cause for the entire contents of the bag to be labeled unusable. For many years, this industry has searched for an alternative to sewing as a method of bulk bag construction. The basic issue has always been that bulk bags must safely carry tremendous weights, in some cases up to 3,300 pounds. Fusion FIBC/Bulk Bag is a technology that utilizes a novel and automated thermal bonding process of highly oriented, woven polypropylene coated fabrics. This is accomplished using a technology for a uniquely formulated extrusion coating polyolefin blend, a specially designed bulk bag that keeps every seam in its strongest position for shear strength and a specially designed and highly computer controlled heating system. The result is a bulk bag constructed of thermally bonded (heat sealed) seams that does not damage the strength of the polypropylene fabric, which is able to retain >95% of the original tensile strength of the fabric. The FIBC bulk bag represents a significant step-change in bulk bag performance and manufacturing.