Dow Corning TC-2022 Thermally Conductive Adhesive

Organization: The Dow Chemical Company
Co-Developer(s): Delphi
Year: 2017

Dow Corning TC-2022 Thermally Conductive Adhesive saves energy by curing quickly at lower temperatures, which reduces the amount of time automotive electronics must spend in ovens. This product also enables innovative designs based on temperature sensitive electrical components, such as electrolytic capacitors. Following several technical breakthroughs, now both the lid seal adhesive and the thermally conductive adhesive can be simultaneously cured using the same low-energy profile, and customers can begin “greening” their production while saving on operating costs and cycle time.This same benefit of fast, lower temperature adhesion development also helps directly enable the production of greener vehicles. Electric and hybrid-electric vehicles often rely on very large capacitors (approximately 100 times larger than a typical circuit board-level capacitor), which would require substantially longer heating times when curing a thermally conductive adhesive to intimately bond the capacitor to a heat sink. At 100°C, TC-2022 begins to cure after just a few minutes, whereas a standard silicone one-part thermally conductive adhesive would start to cure after more than 30 minutes at 100°C. TC-2022 also rapidly develops adhesion to varied substrates. With these adhesive advances, the cost to manufacture electric and hybrid-electric vehicles can be kept low.