TEAMM- Electrafil PPS 3D; Electrafil PPSU 3D

Organization: Techmer PM
Co-Developer(s): BASF, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Year: 2017

TEAMM-Electrafil PPS 3D; Electrafil PPSU 3D are new, 3D printable engineering thermoplastic compounds developed for high temperature autoclave tooling applications for composite part production. The highly engineered compounds are offered in pellet form for use in the new pellet fed 3D printers. The materials enable manufacturing of large-scale aerospace autoclave tooling for 10x lower cost and 10x lower lead time compared to existing technology using expensive machined metal molds and tools. These innovative high temperature thermoplastic materials are optimized to withstand 350F, 100 psi repeat autoclave cycles with minimal dimensional change during the cure process. The composition and rheology was developed for deposition rates exceeding 50 lbs./hr. through a 1-inch extruder, with non-steady processing requiring high degree of stability and process reliability for extended residence time up to 30 minutes. The materials are fully recyclable. Tools produced with TEAMM engineered thermoplastic compounds were tested in manufacturing settings and the technology is under investigation by military, automotive and major aerospace companies.