Organization: Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Year: 2017

ChemSEI-Linker is an artificial nanoscale solid electrolyte interface of unique composition and structure that stabilizes lithium battery electrodes, increasing battery life by up to 100 percent.

ITRI’s team developed and applied both a self-forming chemical solid electrolyte interface (ChemSEI) modification technology and an electrode paste with linker called Chemlinkbat paste. These two technologies were integrated into a unique, multifunctional architecture called ChemSEI-Linker. ChemSEI-Linker provides functions such as strong adhesion, noteworthy covering, resilient flexibility, high Li-ion conductivity, notable electrochemical and thermal stability, enduring anticorrosion for electrolytes and high safety. These integrated technologies enable the design and development of battery electrodes called Chemlinkbat electrodes; they are integral to a lithium-ion battery that features high capacity, long service life, high safety and high voltage endurance. This new battery represents a substantial advance in the energy density of battery technology. The use of ChemSEI-Linker with a high-voltage design may enable a Tesla Model S to increase its endurance from 480 km to more than 550 km and may extend the battery service life beyond 3,000 charge–discharge cycles, which would be beneficial in passing various stringent battery safety tests.