Large-Format Additive Coating Solutions

Organization: Tru-Design, LLC
Co-Developer(s): Polynt Composites, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Year: 2017

Large-Format Additive Coating Solutions were specifically developed to enable large-format printed tooling for composites manufacturing, providing a vacuum-tight and defect-free surface suitable for Class A components. It relies on a core and shell nano-scale filler to obtain excellent adhesion and toughness. Because high temperature autoclave applications involve larger temperature changes, two different versions of the coating material were formulated. One form features a higher build volume, making it suitable for use in temperatures below 180F, although short duration thermoset exotherms of over 200F have been seen without issue. This formulation is intended primarily for near room temperature applications such as Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM) tools, jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aides. It is also applicable for cosmetic prototypes such as concept cars, Hollywood set pieces and other applications. A second formulation of the coating technology was developed and demonstrated for applications up to 400F. This formulation is a low viscosity barrier coating suitable for high temperature vacuum service. The low viscosity barrier coating is primarily used on composite tools for autoclave or SMC molding applications.