Dow's Advanced FCDh Technology

Organization: The Dow Chemical Company
Co-Developer(s): Snamprogetti
Year: 2017

Dow's Advanced FCDh Technology dehydrogenates propane to propylene more selectively than the other commercial alternatives in the marketplace. It also uses the heat conveyed in the catalyst from a regeneration reactor to supply the endothermic dehydrogenation reactions. The result is a process that has improved selectivity to the finished product (e.g., propylene from propane) versus alternatives, lower capital cost and a simpler more scaleable and more robust design that can be adapted to a number of opportunities and scales. The potential applications for Fluidized Catalytic Dehydrogenation (FCDh) are numerous. For example, in Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH), the reactor technology can plug into steam crackers that are new, or be bolted on to an existing cracker. The reactors can also be used to build a new PDH unit or retrofit an existing PDH unit. The reactors can be used to build new or retrofit existing ethylbenzene to styrene dehydrogenation facilities, butane to butene, or isobutane to isobutene plants. In the case of PDH plant integration with existing steam crackers, the Dow's Advanced FCDh Technology is the only technology that can integrate economically with a cracker due to is comparable operating pressure, high propane conversion, lack of hydrogen recycle requirement, and simple reactor section design.