Battelle's Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) Process Using Biomass-Derived Solvents

Organization: Battelle
Year: 2017

Battelle's Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) Process Using Biomass-Derived Solvents uses a breakthrough technology to dissolve coal in biomass-derived solvents to produce a synthetic crude without requiring external hydrogen. The resulting synthetic crude can be sold as a product to petroleum-crude refineries, or further refined to distillate fuels, primarily jet fuel, either in a dedicated facility or as a part of an existing petroleum-crude refinery. The syncrude is liquid at room temperature and is a mixture of coal-derived and biomass-derived chemicals that is suitable to make fuels, specialty carbon products and specialty chemicals, much like a petroleum refinery and chemicals complex does starting from petroleum crude. The CTL syncrude can replace some or all of the petroleum crude in a petroleum-crude refinery. If syncrude is upgraded to distillate fuels using conventional petroleum refinery technology, the data show that about 70 percent of the distillate product boils in the jet fuel range, and nearly 100 percent boils in the diesel range. Both products are considered “ultra-low” sulfur fuels as the sulfur content is below 6 ppm.