Non-invasive Fiber Optic Physiological Monitoring Technology (nFOPT) and Smart Care System

Organization: Huijia Health Life Technology Co., Ltd.
Year: 2017

The Non-Invasive Fiber Optic Physiological Monitoring Technology (nFOPT) and Smart Care System is a total smart care solution for the elderly and babies. The system features a series of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices— managed by the Smart Care System—that can monitor breathing, heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, sleep, temperature, humidity and other metrics, without requiring wearable devices. Fiber optic technology can be incorporated into several everyday devices, turning them into “smart” monitoring devices, including baby mats, mattresses, pillows, beds, insoles and clothing. The technology is programed for every user’s needs individually. It is designed to be highly temperature resistance, producing no electromagnetic waves, sparks or static electricity, making it safe to use. It can provide detailed data analysis and daily, weekly or monthly status records and reports to family and caregivers, with the option of accessing updates via an app. A single Smart Care System can monitor over 100,000 people, so it is suitable for a hospital or elderly care center in addition to home use. It also has potential applications for the advanced analysis of quality of sleep and sleep apnea.