IE5-class efficiency amorphous motor

Organization: Hitachi, Ltd.
Co-Developer(s): Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd.
Year: 2017

The IE5-Class Efficiency Amorphous Motor has been integrated for the first time into Hitachi’s oil-free scroll compressor (SRL-A3.7DV, -A5.5DV, 7.5DV). Several key developments led to this energy-saving compact oil-free scroll compressor. IE5-class energy efficiency— the highest energy efficiency level 96 percent set out under IEC guidelines— was realized with an amorphous motor employing technology developed to assess the magnetic characteristics of the amorphous metal core and design optimization. An axial gap structure was adopted for the motor, which was then integrated into the oil-free scroll compressor, reducing the size to a maximum of 37 percent in the 7.5kW model compared to current products of equivalent capacity. The main benefit of the motor is its energy-saving feature. In Japan, electric motors account for more than half of the total annual power use. In the case of factories and other industrial users, this proportion rises to around 75 percent. This demonstrates how important it is to improve the efficiency of motors used in industry. Today, IE3-class or above has become mandatory in many countries, including the U.S. and Japan.