HT-ESP Motor

Organization: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Co-Developer(s): Chevron Energy Technology Company
Year: 2017

The HT-ESP Motor is a high-temperature (HT) ESP motor that reduces the temperature difference between the motor’s internal components and the product stream. The motor provides day-to-day operational reliability, thus extending the operational lifetime of motors working in deep underground and extremely hot environments, such as those associated with oil and gas recovery and geothermal applications. The HT-ESP motor extends its operational range; it can stay cool in hotter environments where conventional ESP motors suffer from frequent failures associated with overheating. The motor incorporates two technologies designed to lower the internal operating temperature of the motor: (1) passive heat-transfer enhancements to the motor and (2) a bolt-on active onboard refrigerator. These two advanced technologies combined make for an HT-ESP motor that increases the motor’s operational lifespan, reduces motor failures caused by insulation breakdown, increases electrical efficiency, reduces scale precipitation and buildup rate and provides more effective and reliable bearing operation. The motor has been optimized for geothermal operations, thermal operations and deep-water operations.