High-performance, low-cost, flexible, single-crystal-like, GaAs-based Thin Film Transistors

Organization: TexMat LLC
Co-Developer(s): TapeSolar Inc.
Year: 2017

High-Performance, Low-Cost, Flexible, Single-Crystal-Like, GaAs-Based Thin Film Transistors have two orders of magnitude better performance than currently used thin film transistors (TFT) arrays at the same price point. TFTs are unique type of transistors fabricated using thin layers of materials deposited on freestanding substrates. They are mainly utilized as pixel switching elements in flat panel and flexible displays. As the thin film electronics market grows exponentially, there is extreme demand for high performance TFT devices that are lightweight, large area flexible and cost effective. Material quality, processing temperature and substrate technology are the three main parameter that hinder the development of high-performance flexible TFTs. TexMat’s High-Performance, Low-Cost, Flexible, Single-Crystal-Like, GaAs-Based Thin Film Transistors offer a solution. Compared to single-crystal GaAs TFT’s, this technology can be made in very large areas and sizes. The substrates on which single-crystal-like GaAs is grown can easily be made one hundreds of meters long and several meters wide. The metal/alloy substrate has already been made in such sizes. When hetereopitaxial layers are deposited on such single crystal-like metal/alloy substrates, they result in flexible semiconductor wafers of a similar size. These large-area, flexible, single-crystal-like, semiconductor wafers can be manufactured using high-throughput manufacturing processes using a web-coating approach.