Organization: IN10DID, Inc.
Year: 2017

DecaTxt-IN10DID is a ten key, one-handed, Bluetooth LE 4.0 keyboard that connects to iOS, Android, Linux, Mac and PC devices to provide an alternate way to type, text, scroll, add numbers and change pages. Users can adjust the volume and also control a computer while engaged in virtual or augmented reality. It is designed to touch-type with either hand without looking. It can be used to run a PowerPoint presentation, count inventory, write an email or surf the web and provides a convenient way to type while lying in bed or even with one hand in a pocket. It also has applications as an assistive technology. DecaTxt is the size of a deck of cards and has ten buttons that can be pressed in any combination with one hand. It is designed with two keys in five rows, four rows on the face for the fore fingers and one row on top for the thumb.