SolidSense Gas Analyzer

Organization: Sandia National Laboratories
Co-Developer(s): University of New Mexico
Year: 2017

The SolidSense Gas Analyzer is the first small, fast, inexpensive, high temperature sensor that characterizes all EPA-regulated tailpipe gases, enabling continuous on-vehicle emissions monitoring and control. The SolidSense accurately recognizes the electrochemical signatures of varying concentration levels of NOx , CO and HCs, as well as complex mixtures of these gases common to automobile exhaust. The SolidSense operates reliably in hostile, high temperature combustion environments characteristic of vehicle engines without the need for cooling, filtration or frequent cleaning, calibration or replacement. The device’s capabilities are comparable to those of current on-board automobile emissions monitors used for research, but significantly smaller in size. It is simple and inexpensive to mass-produce. The new on-board capabilities SolidSense offers open the door to innovative future engine designs and, potentially, cleaner and more fuel-efficient automobiles. In addition, regulators are beginning to focus on the emissions of stationary generators and heavy machinery such as earth movers, as well as off-road recreational vehicles. SolidSense is directly applicable to these emerging regulatory needs.