Organization: Sensogram Technologies Inc
Year: 2017

SensoSCAN is the first cuffless, wireless, wearable device that quickly, easily and accurately monitors blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and respiration rate. It captures vital signs through highly sensitive optical sensors. The captured and derived parameter values are then displayed on the SensoSCAN screen and transmitted via Bluetooth in real-time to a smartphone or tablet. The SensoSCAN application also allows the user to send the data to a dedicated secure cloud system accessible via the SensoSCAN web portal. User data can be viewed and analyzed real-time and/or retrospectively by a healthcare professional or any person authorized by the user. All parameters are saved, viewable and accessible via the SensoSCAN web portal. SenoSCAN provides a unique opportunity to gather information on conditions and performance of a human system.