Radiation Field Training Simulator (RaFTS)

Organization: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Year: 2017

The Radiation Field Training Simulator (RaFTS) provides realistic training for first responders by injecting high-fidelity synthetic radiation signals into the same detectors that first responders use in real operations. The externally mounted device directly interfaces with the circuitry of operational radiation detection systems. RaFTS generates a response in operational radiation detectors that exactly replicates all of the physics of real hazard-level radiation sources, providing real-time intensity levels depending on the locations of the detector and radiation sources. The presence of actual radioactive sources is not required. RaFTS eliminates the cost, security, safety, and artificiality of using radioactive sources and enables training against scenarios that cannot be reproduced experimentally, such as a post-detonation contamination scene or actual hazard-level radiation source. Demonstrated on the highest-performing detectors, the RaFTS technology can be applied to the entire community of radiation detection instruments such as lesser capable radiation pagers, handheld spectral devices and search instruments (backpacks, vehicle-based systems, etc.).