NovaSeq Series

Organization: Illumina
Year: 2017

The NovaSeq Series of systems offers high throughput sequencing leveraging Illumina’s next-generation sequencing technology. Consisting of two instrument configurations—the NovaSeq 5000 Sequencing System and the NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing System— the NovaSeq Series provides users with the throughput, speed and flexibility to complete projects faster and more economically. It offers multiple flow cell types and read length combinations to enable effective scaling of throughput to best suit study needs. Applications requiring large amounts of data, such as human whole-genome sequencing, ultra-deep exome sequencing and tumor–normal profiling, can now be completed in a more cost-effective manner. The same instrument can be used for less data-intensive methods, such as targeted resequencing. The system features simple load-and-go operation, integrated onboard cluster generation and seamless integration with data storage and analysis tools that help streamline the overall experimental workflow. The NovaSeq Series can be utilized across a wide range of samples types and applications.