MultiWell MicroFormulator

Organization: Vanderbilt University
Co-Developer(s): CN Bio Innovations
Year: 2017

The MultiWell MicroFormulator is an instrument for automated, real-time formulation, delivery, and removal of cell culture media that is customized for each well of a 96-well plate or organs-on-chip devices. In vitro cell culture is a mainstay of the drug discovery and development process, toxicological analyses and biological discovery. In these fields, it is often desired to perfuse two- and three-dimensional tissue constructs, such as organoids, organs-on-chips or larger engineered or isolated primary tissue over long periods of time using culture media that contains concentrations of nutrients, growth factors, drugs and toxins that may vary in time. The ability to vary the concentration of key drugs, nutrients or toxins over an extended period of time is critical to understanding a variety of biological processes. For organs-on-chip experiments, this technology not only supports the perfusion of different organs with different media formulations, but also enables the user to simulate organs that are not present in his or her organ-on-a-chip model, more closely replicating the physiology and interactions between the many organs in the human body.