Evolve 5.5 Solid-State Refrigerator

Organization: Phononic
Year: 2017

The Evolve 5.5 Solid-State Refrigerator is a high-performance solid-state undercounter scientific and pharmacy refrigerator that is quiet, spacious, environmentally sustainable and responsive to frequent door openings without exceeding target storage ranges. Utilizing solid-state technology, Evolve provides compressor-free refrigeration for medical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and manufacturing applications. The innovative solid-state technology makes Evolve ideal for high performance refrigeration, providing the best available temperature uniformity and stability to properly store high value products. Evolve’s solid-state refrigeration system absorbs heat energy from the storage chamber using carbon dioxide, a non-toxic, non-hazardous refrigerant, embedded in the walls. Via the refrigerant, heat energy is channeled to a proprietary high-performance thermoelectric heat pump that cools the refrigerant. The chilled refrigerant channels back through the tubing and surrounds the chamber walls, delivering precise and consistent temperature control. Highly efficient heat transport fins coupled with long-life external fans expel heat from the system and out to the ambient environment where it can be efficiently absorbed into the HVAC systems. A finely-tuned microprocessor controller ensures the refrigeration system consumes just enough energy to maintain the temperature set point without wasting energy through mechanical duty cycles.