EDGE Bioinformatics

Organization: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Co-Developer(s): Naval Medical Research Center
Year: 2017

EDGE Bioinformatics enables any biologist, researcher or physician to easily and quickly analyze complex genomics data. Because of vast improvements in high-throughput, next-generation sequencing and an exponential decrease in the cost of sequencing, genomics has recently become much more promising. However, two key problems serve as significant roadblocks when it comes to data analysis: (1) the sheer volume of data available and (2) the paucity of bioinformatics expertise necessary to understand and act on these new types of data. EDGE—Empowering the Development of Genomics Expertise—Bioinformatics is an intuitive, web-based platform consisting of a broad variety of fully integrated and innovative bioinformatic software and algorithms, incorporated into a user-friendly, web-based system with preconfigured workflows. All of these workflows can be applied quickly and easily to a wide variety of genome-sequencing projects, ranging from individual isolates (from a culture of a single organism) to much more complex metagenomics (microbiome) projects. EDGE Bioinformatics is capable of aligning millions of sequence reads to databases of thousands of genomes, and identifying which organisms are present, and/or listing differences found between the genome(s) in the sample and reference genomes.