Dragonfly - High Speed Confocal Imaging Platform

Organization: Andor
Year: 2017

The Dragonfly-High Speed Confocal Imaging Platform is at its core a high-speed, multi-point confocal. It can optically section fluorescently labeled biological samples to obtain high-contrast, high-resolution images and create a three-dimensional image of the sample in real-time.  It provides detailed insight in multiple dimensions of biological processes, providing a deeper understanding into key research questions about multiple disease states or new insights in fields such as plant research. Using a novel illumination technique, Dragonfly can capture images with higher contrast and clearer detail than prior technologies. This means more information on how tissues are structured can be collected without disruption to the sample, providing better continuity. Additional key imaging modalities are designed into Dragonfly and can be offered in a single device. These would otherwise require the purchase and use of two or three instruments at extra cost and disruption to the experimental workflow.