Double Barcoded Shotgun Expression Library Sequencing (Dub-seq)

Organization: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Year: 2017

Double Barcoded Shotgun Expression Library Sequencing (Dub-seq) is a high-throughput, scalable, flexible functional characterization technology based on creating pooled libraries of double barcoded DNA fragments. It provides a quantitative and faster tool for assessing gene-function of DNA isolated from any source or environment. The workflow is extendable to diverse applications, including functional genomics of microorganisms, viruses, microbiomes, human/animal parasites, human, animal, insects, worms, and plant genomes. With this technology, rapid tests in hundreds to thousands of conditions using the same library can be created and easily shared between laboratories, improving experimental reproducibility and aiding in repeatability at minimal expense, labor and time. Dub-seq technology is applicable in the discovery of novel enzymes/biocatalysts for biofuel production, improving and tolerance traits for toxic biochemicals, ensemble functional assessment of microbial communities, plant growth promoting factors, bioremediation routes, novel green chemistries, and biotechnologies in improving energy and environment missions. The technology is also extendable in diverse health and agriculture associated biotechnologies.