COBRA - Metabolic Fuel & Energy Sensor

Organization: MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Co-Developer(s): U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
Year: 2017

COBRA-Metabolic Fuel & Energy Sensor is an on-demand, wireless, low-cost breath sensor that can determine foundational metabolic health and performance metrics to guide weight loss and training. It measures metabolic heat production, work intensity, and aerobic fitness, as well as the relative fraction of energy derived from oxidation of fats versus carbohydrates, and associated metrics, such as tidal volume, minute volume, volume of oxygen, and volume of carbon dioxide. When coupled with a unique metabolic fuel-state model, these measurements enable an individual to tailor dietary macronutrient and exercise choices to achieve weight loss and aerobic fitness goals, and even reverse Type 2 diabetes. The traditional approach to weight loss is calorie monitoring, which is tedious, prone to error, and ignores the impact that different macronutrients have on our hormones and their control of the selection of metabolic fuel. Rather than following formulaic diet plans, COBRA provides immediate feedback, enabling the user to learn how dietary and exercise choices impact the goal of fat burning for weight loss and blood glucose control.