Applied Biosystems Axiom Microbiome Array

Organization: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Co-Developer(s): Thermo Fisher Scientific
Year: 2017

The Applied Biosystems Axiom Microbiome Array is the first high-throughput pan-microbial detection device. It can analyze 96 samples in parallel, with each sample being exposed to 1.4 million DNA probes that have been designed to detect over 12,000 unique microbial species—including all bacteria, viruses, fungi, archaea, and protozoa—with at least one genome previously sequenced and publicly available as of the probe design date. The array can achieve closest-strain resolution from complex multispecies from any sample of clinical, environmental and manufactured product origin at a price/throughput level not attainable by DNA sequencing, thus enabling new opportunities for health and safety screening. Pan-microbial array technology works to discover known and suspected causative pathogens in a wide range of clinical samples, including blood, urine, feces, sputum, cerebral-spinal fluid, and a variety of tissues from human, primate, swine, sea mammal, and other hosts. Environmental analyses employing the array have included air, soil, and water samples, as well as samples collected from environmental surfaces and astronauts/cosmonauts on the International Space Station.